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About Us

Insignia is holder of two exploration licenses;

Mwinilunga – 455.84 hectres of a gold prospect within the gold rich Kasenseli area of Mwinilunga District.

Kaleni Hills –  40,191.32 hectres area bearing copper, cobalt, gold, silver, nickel and zinc. This area is adjacent to Kaleni hills which is the source of the Zambezi river in Ikeleng’i District.

Our Vision is to become a market leader through sustainable operations that create value for our shareholders and the communities within which we operate.

Our focus is development of these exploration assets sustaining the longevity of mineral supply chains from the region thus fostering value for the communities around us.

We are passionately driven by the conviction that the future of mining and the sustainability of the mineral value chain depends on quality exploration projects coming online and becoming fully fledged mining operations.