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Welcome to Insignia Corporation LIMITED

The future of mining and exploration in Zambia

Insignia Corporation

Our company was formed with a view to harness the exploration, mining and gold trading opportunities within the mineral rich part of the Lufillian Arc in North-Western Province of Zambia. We have a primary focus on copper, cobalt, nickel, gold, zinc and silver. Rich historical information gives firm indication that our two licenses are situated in the right geo-locality, endowed with huge mineral potential.

Historically this region was overlooked, however, with the emergence of Zambia’s biggest operating mines within the domes region of the province, this region is now the most desirable and lucrative geo-location for the mining and exploration sectors.

Our focus is development of these exploration assets sustaining the longevity of mineral supply chains from the region thus fostering value for the communities around us.

We are passionately driven by the conviction that the future of mining and the sustainability of the mineral value chain depends on quality exploration projects coming online and becoming fully fledged mining operations.






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